Background The Government wishes to create a climate of openness and transparency around the NHS. To that end it is requiring all NHS contractors to divulge certain information about their dealing with the NHS, on request. The following document complies with the legislation, but most of the information is already available in our regular web pages and in a form that is more readable and understandable.

It’s a shame that the Government aren’t quite so open and transparent in their dealings with the public.

Data Protection Act:

This practice complies with the Data Protection Act.

  • All information about patients is confidential. Medical details may be forwarded to the patient’s general medical practitioner or hospital consultant, and the patient will be aware this is happening.
  • Occasionally we refer to Social Services. This must have approval of the patient prior to referral.
  • Names and addresses are used internally to identify patient records, and are used to communicate directly with the patient only. This includes the routine reminders that are sent from the practice.
    We do not pass on patient details to third parties for any other reason. This red tape we approve of – we dislike junk mail as well.

Freedom of information Act


We do our best to avoid the need to complain. However, occasionally things do not work out as well as they could. Please feel free to talk to any member of staff should you be having a problem and we will make every effort to put things right. If you are still unhappy, please contact Steve Mayer, the owner.

There are several external organisations able to help if you are still unhappy, including the Optical Consumers Complaints Service, and the local Clinical Commissioning Group (for NHS related issues)..

Health & Safety

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy in this practice. This is maintained by Xact.